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Most people think that being a leader means having an organization of thousands or being able to hire PR professionals to bring in floods of traffic that easily signs up to any opportunity simply because of the sheer number of people a person currently has. This is not true.

Great leaders are made everyday and it doesn’t matter if that leader has five, ten or even one thousand people in his/her organization the point is a leader is someone who can identify the needs of anyone in their organization and lead them in the right direction. That’s it. It’s not the mass number of people that a sponsor has in his or her downline you should consider when deciding if a leader or sponsor is right for you but the integrity and or the past achievements of the person whom you choose to follow.

My Commitment To You

As a sponsor and leader I’ve come to build my business on 5 principles.

  • Guide – A sponsors first job is the guide you in the right direction.
  • Tools- Whether free or paid a sponsors duties is to show you where to get the necessary tools to do your job effectively.
  • Support- Give support when needed. Have conference calls.  Able to be reached with questions.
  • Inspire - All leaders/sponsors should inspire and encourage their organization.
  • Create other leaders As sponsors the most important goal is to create other leaders.


Those are my fundamental beliefs for leadership and I feel  That’s really all any person can do in this business. I cannot do the work for you that is something you must do for yourself but I can assure you that I will be here with you while you learn the ropes.


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This site is great,thanks to the admin and owners
Hey my name is Ariel and what I will love to say is that ever since I joined Myidempire I've seen lot of results with Free training and paid training from Clarence that he paid for us to use. Myidempire is simple to use and the best thing that is FREE.
Wow what a quick response compared to the last website I purchased they never would respond to me and actually they just disappeared about a week after i purchased it - it was gone - mca.biz - so i was very very bummed - but things happen for a reason i guess because i really like your ready made website a lot better and your response is like lightening - :)
Clarence Holmes is an amazing individual and sponsor. He is integrity driven and has always been willing to help me with anything. I am honored to have him as a sponsor and friend.
Great layout and design 10X better than the one I was using before
Feels good having such great support on myidempire…thank you so much
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